33in1 GPG EASY jiGS مشاهده عکس بزرگتر

33in1 GPG EASY jiGS



150,000 تومان

افزودن به علاقه‌مندی‌ها

33-in-1 GPG Easy JIGs are special PCBs to perfectly fit LG, Nokia, Samsung and Huawei mobile devices. These PCBs have appropriately soldered pins so you can start working right away. 

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محصولات مرتبط


With 33-in-1 GPG Easy JIGs you'll be able to repair dead boot of the devices (cell phones, modems, etc.) with help of ORT, RIFF JTAG or any other supported JTAG device.

33-in-1 GPG Easy JIGs - Supported Boxes:

  • Omnia Repair Tool
  • Medusa Box (using Z3X Easy JTAG)
  • Octoplus Box (using Z3X Easy JTAG)
  • GPG JTAG Box
  • Z3X Easy JTAG

33-in-1 GPG Easy JIGs - Supported Models:

  • F01 JIG:
    • U8800
    • U8800+
  • F02 JIG:
    • LG P990, P999, P993 Modem
  • F03 JIG:
    • LG E510, E612, E720, E900, C550, C660, C660H, C710H, E400, E405, E436, E615, E720, GD880, GM730, GN750, GT540, KU3700, P350, P500, P690, P698, P705, P715, (F160S, F160L, F160K, F200L, F200S, F200K, F200LS-14P header is required) all the LG14P pinounts
  • F04 JIG:
    • LG E970, E960, E973, E971, E975, F180L/S/K, E975W, E976, E975R, E975K, LS970, E978, E977, E975T, LGL21, L-01E
  • F05 JIG:
    • F260L, F260S, F260K molex header is required P870, l-06C, all the LG 14P JTAG pinouts
  • F06 JIG:
    • LG P880G, P895, P895QB, P970, SU870, K5400, SU760, P725, SU540, P760, P765, P768, P768E, P768F, P768g, P768N, P769, P769BK, P769BKGO JTAG support is required, all the LG 30P JTAG pinouts
  • F07 JIG:
    • LG SU640, LU6200, F100L/S/K, F120L/S/K, V950
    • Modem: P930, P935, P936
  • F08 JIG:
    • LGP930, P935, P936
    • Modem: SU640, LU6200, F100L/S/K, F120L/S/K, V950
  • F09 JIG:
    • LG CU920, CU575, L705I, L852I all the JTAG pinouts
  • F10 JIG:
    • I9003, I7500, T939, 805sc, F338, I5800
  • F11 JIG:
    • E110S (E220L, E220S, E220K JTAG support is required)
  • F12 JIG:
    • M110S, M190S, SC-02, P7500
  • F13 JIG:
    • S8000
  • F14 JIG:
    • D710
  • F15 JIG:
    • I535, T999, T999V, I747M, R530M, R530U, L710, I747, I547, SC-06D, I437, I8552, I9082, I9152, I9205, MSM8960
  • F16 JIG:
    • I9020, I9023, I997, I9000, I987, T959, T959V, YP-G1, T759
  • F17 JIG:
    • I9100G, I9108, I9108X
  • F18 JIG:
    • E120L/S/K, E160S/K, I717, I727, I9210, P7320, E140L/S/K, SC-05, SC-03, all Samsung 20P phones
  • F19 JIG:
    • I500, I889, N7005 (I9500, N7100, E210L, E210S, E210K JTAG support is required)
  • F20 JIG:
    • I9220, I9228, N7000, M250L
  • F21 JIG:
    • E160L
  • F22 JIG:
    • I9100, N8010, P6200, P6810, I777, M250S/K, P3100, P3110, P3113, P5100, P5110, P5113
  • F23 JIG:
    • LG F240K, F240L, F240S, E980. E980P, E985, E986, E987, E988, E989 molex header is required
  • F24 JIG:
    • Nokia L610, L710
  • F25 JIG:
    • CU720, GD880, L04A, L06A
  • F26 JIG:
    • LG L600I, L704I, L705I
  • F27 JIG:
    • LGA340
  • F28 JIG:
    • Samsung M8400
  • F29 JIG:
    • Samsung I937
  • F30 JIG:
    • LG CT810
  • F31 JIG
    • LG VS930, VS870
  • F32 JIG
    • ASUS A60, A80, Google Nexus 7
  • F33
    • LG KU9100, KU9300, KU9600 L04B

33-in-1 GPG Easy JIGs - Package Content*

  • Flat cable - 10 pcs.
  • JPIN adapter - 1 pc.
  • Set of JIG adapters (33 pcs.):
    • JIG adapter F01
    • JIG adapter F02
    • JIG adapter F03
    • JIG adapter F04
    • JIG adapter F05
    • JIG adapter F06
    • JIG adapter F07
    • JIG adapter F08
    • JIG adapter F09
    • JIG adapter F10
    • JIG adapter F11
    • JIG adapter F12
    • JIG adapter F13
    • JIG adapter F14
    • JIG adapter F15
    • JIG adapter F16
    • JIG adapter F17
    • JIG adapter F18
    • JIG adapter F19
    • JIG adapter F20
    • JIG adapter F21
    • JIG adapter F22
    • JIG adapter F23
    • JIG adapter F24
    • JIG adapter F25
    • JIG adapter F26
    • JIG adapter F27
    • JIG adapter F28
    • JIG adapter F29
    • JIG adapter F30
    • JIG adapter F31
    • JIG adapter F32
    • JIG adapter F33

*Due to the onrush of technology and efforts to meet every customer's demands, the supplier retains the right to change some positions in the list of cables and accessories coming together with the product. Therefore, the package content presented above is rather tentative. More details on the matter can be obtained from our sales managers.

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